Easy Tune 6

Easy Tune 6

A piece of software that helps you overclock you computer
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This piece of software helps you overclock you computer. Overclocking is a process that can help you improve the performance of your computer. But you need to be careful, since this process comes with certain risks. It can lead to poor performance or it can even damage the components of your system. If handled correctly, Easy Tune can help you overclock your components (like CPU) at higher clock rates, which will eventually lead to faster and more powerful system operation.

This piece of software is very easy to use due to its professionally built interface. The program provides you with information about CPU and memory and comes with the ability to modify their frequency and voltage. In addition, this tool also lets you enable the "Smart Fan" function which controls the speed (RPM) of the fans installed on your computer and can set alarm sounds that will notify you when the temperature of your CPU exceeds the limits you've set.

There are two modes in which you can use this piece of software. The "Easy mode", suited for beginners, in which you can change only a few parameters and the "Advance mode" where you have access to more parameters and settings.

To sum it all up, this piece of software is worth trying if you search for a professional way to overclock your computer.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Provides 2 usage modes in order to be suitable for both beginners and advanced users


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